What’s new? (Update 1)

As promised, I have updated the MORSE website to (hopefully) make it more attractive to our society as a whole. Here I will discuss new key features that have been added.

    • Events Page: I am sure you have all noticed in the menu a new page named under “Events”. Social and Academic events will be added here to provide you with all the information you need to be up to date with everything that’s going on. As well as this, there will be brief summaries of each event as they pass for your information.
    • Past Events: This is a new section which provides information regarding events we have hosted and a brief summary of them.
    • Useful Links section: This can be found on the right sidebar of any page other than the homepage.
    • Academic Library: Has been renamed to “Resources”.
    • Facebook page link: Found by clicking the link on the bottom right of any Warwick MORSE society webpage.
    • Sponsors: The “Sponsors” page has been updated with new images that correlate with each level of sponsor.
    • Your Team: Located under the “About Us” tab in the menu.
    • Sponsors for 2016/17: New sponsors available in the “Sponsors” page.
    • Feedback form: Please fill this feedback form so we can improve our services to you!
    • MORSE Logo: A new MORSE logo will be used to represent the society, indicating a new era for us!