April 24, 2010

Your Team


Paweł Bednarek (3rd year MORSE)


Hi, I am Paweł, and I am the president of the Warwick MORSE Society. My role involves collaborating with the whole executive team to ensure the smooth implementation of each of their functions. The overall goal of the society is to provide strong academic, social, and career support to its members. Your participation, not just in the form of attendance at events, but also as inputs/suggestions/complaints will help us plan better and tailor activities to the best of our collective interest. So please feel free to contact me anytime, it will be greatly appreciated.




Harmeet Singh (3rd year MathStat)


I am the treasurer so simply put I deal with the financial aspect of the society. I ensure that we have enough money to run events and create merchandise. Also, I contact various companies regarding sponsorship for the society along with the publicity officer. Overall, I make sure that the budget is well managed for the year and we are getting the most out of the money we have.




Secretary & Publicity Officer

Izabella Edmonds (2nd year MORSE)


Hi everyone, I’m Izabella and I’m the new Secretary and Publicity Officer for the Morse Society.

My primary role is to arrange committee meetings and to take minutes to ensure we have a clear record so everything runs efficiently. In addition, I am responsible for publicizing the society to all Morse students and for creating freebies and branded products for our members.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or ideas, I’m more than happy to help.



Events Co-ordinator

Claire Zheng (2nd year MORSE)


My name is Claire Zheng and I’m one of your event coordinators for this year. My aim is to introduce lively social events where members can get to know each other, as well as insightful events that will provide Morse students a better insight into various careers. Feel free to drop me an email if you have any ideas or suggestions about events!


claire .

Events Co-ordinator

P-A Magdelain (3rd year MORSE)


Hi, I’m P-A ! As one of your two Morse events coordinator this year. I will be responsible for organising the society events which will cater to all students’ needs, whether it be a social event to relieve university stress or a more formal event such as a careers talk to give you good insight of what to expect from the future.
Feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions or questions!



R Course Coordinator

Marco Del Vecchio (3rd year MORSE)


Hi, I am Marco, MORSE society’s R course coordinator. In a nutshell, my role encompasses organising as well as teaching courses covering practical issues in statistical computing. In so doing. I am determined in making our society one of the key feature of the MORSE experience.



Academic Head

Chester Gan (3rd year MORSE)


Good day, my name is Chester (Chesterinho) Gan. Being the new academic head, my duty is to write and edit revision guides in demand, and to organize revision lectures (provided there are volunteers for them). Additionally, please send me a message via email or Facebook if you have a specific academically-related query that you wish to resolve.



Careers Officer

Shivam Haria (3rd year MORSE)


Hey guys I’m Shiv! I’m going to be your careers officer this year! I’m responsible for organising career and networking events for us this year! I’m looking forward to this role and will dedicate myself !



IT Officer

Liam O’Hara (3rd year MathStat)


Hey Guys! My name is Liam and I am your IT Officer. Part of my job includes taking control of the MORSE Society website and cooperating with MORSE Society members. I am honoured to be in this position and will enjoy working with you in the future.


Liam New


First Year Representative
Kevin Lam
Graphics Designer
Jay Luarca